The Design Consultation

A front yard landscapeAn informal visit to your garden with a knowledgeable Designer may be just what you need to solve a gardening problem, design a troublesome corner or make a plan of action for the garden. The Designer takes copious notes for you. The consultation may include :

  • Plant identification
  • Plant care and plant health
  • Pruning evaluation for trees & shrubs
  • Referral to arborist if needed
  • Ideas for use of your space
  • Design for small bed
  • Plant suggestions

In addition to talking about plants, plant care and garden beds, we’ll discuss things that can make your garden a more welcoming space and even increase its beauty and usability, such as:

  • Storm Water solutions
  • Welcoming entry garden
  • Hardscape solutions
  • Maintenance tips
  • Ideas about organic gardening practices

Consultation, usually taking one-to-three hours. The consultation fee is due at end of meeting.