Design Intensive for Small projects

Surrounding plants over grow a natural stone water 'bowl'This is a four-hour meeting held on site with the Homeowners. The Designer measures the property and then working together we create a quick sketch design from which you will be able to organize and implement your garden plan.

Perfect for the Do-It-Yourselfers

The Design Intensive is suitable for enthusiastic do-it-yourselfers and small, uncomplicated projects that can be planned in four hours. Download my CLIENT & SITE SURVEY. (PDF)

By the end of this meeting, you’ll receive:

  • Design drawing on 18” x 24” paper in 1/4th or 1/8th inch scale that show the location of paths, patios, planting beds, utility areas etc. It is recommended that you make several copies of this plan and send one to the Designer;
  • Notes and specifications on the design that address the details of the design including where to obtain materials and how to go about the installation of the garden;
  • Soil preparation and soil health tips;
  • Sustainable gardening practices (see SUSTAINABLE PRACTICES);
  • Suggestions of plants to use and where on your site to plant them;

For more tips about how to implement your gardening plan see my HOMEOWNERS INSTALLATION REMINDERS. Payment for this quick-design service — which usually lasts about four hours — is due at the end of the meeting.