Garden Installation: Protecting the Design Integrity

It is important for the Designer to be involved during the installation of the garden so that the integrity of the design is maintained. Fee & payment schedule is discussed. The Designer, as your representative, does the following:

  • Helps the Homeowner selects a contractor;
  • Meets with contractor & homeowner;
  • Selects materials (with homeowner);
  • Garden layout with contractor to refine lines and spaces;
  • Plant shopping, preferably with homeowner. (A planting plan is made after the garden is finished. You get plant invoice with botanical and common names. Payment for plants is due on shopping day).
  • Designer sets plants in garden for contractor to plant (homeowner’s opinion welcome);
  • Trouble shoot glitches (there will be some!);
  • Frequent drop-ins to check on installation;
  • Garden detailing;
  • Final walk-through, maintenance tips, planting plan if needed.

Final payment due