Spring Garden Tour :: 2017 :: Kathryn Leech, APLD

River City Gardens, Sustainable Landscape Design
3605 S. W. Canby St. : Portland : 97219 : 503.293.6114

Nature sets the tone for this garden and as the caretaker I am often a surprised witness to nature’s work. Of course I make decisions, add and subtract plants and do the gardening with a little help from my friends.

1930’s house had many majestic trees and fine plants when I came 30 years ago into which I have insinuated my passion for dwarf conifers, foliage color & texture, natives & edibles. Working closely with Nature, my basic intention is to create a balanced, healthy & exuberant garden that is deeply serene & refreshing. A small fenced corner of the garden, The Nature Reserve, is where the Nature Spirits dwell and is off limits to humans although cats are OK. Please join me for a stroll through this WILD STYLE garden.

Connecting People With Nature

River City Gardens, a small sustainable landscape design company in Portland, Oregon, will help you create a little heaven on earth.

The heart of River City Gardens is Kathryn Leech, APLD, a Certified Landscape Designer with many years experience in gardening, garden design, ornamental pruning and consulting on landscape installations. [Read More ...]

Using Sustainable Practices

Beginning with our own small corner of the earth we can make choices that honor our fellow creatures and plants leaving a vibrant balanced earth for the future. Sustainability refers to practices that are non-polluting and resource efficient. [Read more ...]

Download a copy of my Guide to Sustainable Practices.

Abundant Nature

River City Gardens was one of the four award-winning designers to collaborate on Abundant Nature: An Enchanted Food Forest at this year's Yard, Garden and Patio Show.
Lovers of sustainable and organic gardening and edible gardens have been talking about this garden for some time. Visit the Abundant Nature website to view a slideshow of this wonderful garden.