Feed the Soil, not the Plant.

Feed the Soil, not the PlantEvery handful of soil contains millions of living microorganisms which form the skin of topsoil that covers the earth. From this topsoil life as we experience it in all its forms is supported. Feeding the soil with balanced and natural minerals, organic matter, and clean water helps the plants grow strong. Soil building is an ongoing process, year in and year out.

Homemade compost is the best for our gardens as it recycles the nutrients from our particular plants. Our model here in the northwest is the deep duff on the forest floor. In late fall the leaves and branches drop to the forest floor where they are broken down by the soil microorganisms. In spring the nutrients are taken up by the plants, the leaves swell, grow and, in fall, drop to the forest floor—the dance continues…

A soil rich in organic matter hold water deep within where it is available to roots during the hotter summer months. Create a system which eliminates toxic gardening chemicals and recycles yard waste on site where it adds to the health of the garden and is easy on the planet.